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Loft Conversion Insulation by Loft Conversions Harlow

As well as adding an extra room to the house, a well-insulated conversion may also provide savings by reducing energy bills. Loft Conversions Harlow will discuss what you can do if you have a roof room and need insulation, and how this can complicate the matter!

Loft Conversion Insulation From Loft Conversions Harlow

Insulation can be installed below the weather proof membrane for extra effectiveness.

Plasterboard is available with a wide variety of rigid insulation products bonded to it that make it suitable for any loft conversion project.

Loft Insulation In Harlow

By installing loft insulation between and under the loft rafters, Loft Conversions Harlow will also achieve excellent u-values. If a complete re-roof is required as part of a loft conversion, Loft Conversions Harlow are here to help.

For houses with shared roofs where the roof covering is not being replaced, Loft Conversions Harlow suggest insulating between and under the rafters. Did you know that it is less expensive to build a conventional cold roof, with the required insulation (usually mineral wool) placed in the ceiling joists above the top floor?

Roof Insulation For Loft Conversion In Harlow, Essex

Even if you're not converting your loft, improving roof insulation with Loft Conversions Harlow might be worth considering.

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